Caleb and Tamara are a couple in the small American town of Varsity.  They are both teachers in a local school.  They are grounded, realistic about their future and in love.  There are reports of a horrific disease that turns people into corpse-like animals within days.  The disease is called Epsilon Rex.  The general public have settled on the nickname “Wrecks” for the creatures.  Their appearance throughout the country has government task forces and the military stretched.

Abruptly, Caleb and Tamara are catapulted into the middle of the horror when the Wrecks attack their school.  Caleb is wounded defending the children.  Is he infected?  Probably.  From now on, Tamara will have to deal with the rapid decline of her loved one, with all that entails.  Not to mention seeing first hand what an attack of the walking dead is doing to society.

Start at Ep. 01


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